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This page should present you the Ubiquity command, if you have the extension installed and you don't have the command already.

Source code[]

The code is saved in a .js file on this wiki. For security reasons, the .js files on the wiki are only editable by users with sysop access.

 names: ["g"],
 url: "{QUERY}",
 license: "Derived from the built-in feeds in Ubiquity. Somebody please update the license here.",
 icon: "chrome://ubiquity/skin/icons/google.ico",
 description: "Searches Google for your words.",
 help: "You can use the keyboard shortcut ctrl + alt + number to open one " +
       "of the Google results shown in the preview.",
 preview: function(pblock, {object}) {
   var searchTerm = object.text;
   // Don't even display any text before fetching search results,
   // since the results come back nearly instantaneously. In the
   // future, we can display a throbber.
   if(searchTerm.length < 1) {
     pblock.innerHTML = _("Searches Google for your words.");
   var url = "";
   var params = { v: "1.0", q: searchTerm };
   CmdUtils.previewGet( pblock, url, params, function(data) {
     var numToDisplay = 3;
     var results = data.responseData.results.splice( 0, numToDisplay );
     //for access keys
     for(var i=0;i<results.length;i++){
       var result = results[i];
       result.key = i+1;
     var noResultsMessage = _("Your search - ${searchTerm} - did not match any documents.",
     var tipsMessage = _("Tip: You can go to any result in this preview by pressing control, alt, and the result number at the same time.");
     pblock.innerHTML = CmdUtils.renderTemplate(
       jQuery("#google-search", feed.dom).html(),
         { results:results,
     }, "json");